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Walking - Biking - RollerBlading - Snowshoeing - Classic Skiing

This is a level grade, 10 foot wide, asphalt trail.  Some sections of the trail cross major intersections, so remember to use caution.  The trail is not groomed for recreational activities, nor plowed in the winter.

A portion of the trail (Lincoln/Water St. to approx. 760 Water St. in Prairie du Sac) is closed from roughly November-March to protect the eagle habitat. The closure is visible by a yellow gate. We will share updates on the closure on our "Trail Updates" tab.

Pet owners, please be sure to have your pet on a leash, 8 feet or shorter, at all times. You must pick up after your pet.


Obey All Signs & Signals

  • Follow the Rules of the Road

  • Use proper hand signals. To avoid a collision, trail users and drivers need to know where you are going.

  • Obey trail closures and respect maintenance staff

Stay on Designated Trail Facilities

  • Respect plant, wildlife, & other neighbors along the trail

Practice "Carry in-Carry Out"

  • There are limited garbage receptacles along the trail, respect the trail and please don't leave trash behind.

Travel at Responsible Speeds—Safe for Conditions

  • Slow down when approaching a turn or other users.

  • Be prepared to slow down and stop.

  • Always yield to slower traffic.

Stay to the Right

  • Ride, walk, run, or skate on the right-hand side of the trail and roadways, and with the flow of traffic.

  • When stopping, move as far to the right as possible.

Pass with Care

  • Alert people before passing them with your voice ("On your left") or a bell.

  • Look for acknowledgment when passing and acknowledge when being passed. If you are the person being passed, acknowledge the signal with a wave and move to the right.

  • When passing or being passed do so single file.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

  • Be aware of others around, in front, or behind you on the trail.

  • Limit distractions by not using a phone or headphones.

Be Visible, Use Lights when Traveling in Low-Light Conditions.

  • Wear brightly colored clothing. Make yourself visible to other trail users and drivers.

  • Use headlights. When it's dark, use a white headlight, mounted on your handlebars or helmet, and a red rear reflector or light.

Care about your brain! 

  • Wear a helmet! Also use appropriate protective equipment such as knee pads for in-line skating.

Remember that Group Use Requires Increased Attention

  • If more than 10 people are in your group, consider traveling in multiple smaller groups or waves.

  • Only ride/walk/run two abreast so as not to cause a hazard to others.

  • Allow enough room between participants to transition into single file.

Please be respectful and courteous to help ensure that everyone’s experiences are enjoyable and safe.

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